In this site section summarizes the local indigenous ethnic religions groups in Europe by members of our organisation!

Foreningen Forn Sed – Norway

Foreningen Forn Sed – Norway
Foreningen Forn Sed (the Forn Sed Society) is a confessional society for people who are interested in Norse mythology and Nordic popular faith, traditions and culture. What we call Asatro or Heathen traditions today…

Forn Siðr, The Aesir and Vanir faith community in Denmark

Forn Siðr, The Aesir and Vanir faith community in Denmark

Our purpose is the worship of the old Nordic Powers [Gods,"Regin"], and to create contact between people who wish to do so. We will also work to advance and spread knowledge of the …

Lithuanian Baltic religion Romuva

Lithuanian Baltic religion Romuva
Romuva movement started its activities in 1967, was suppressed by the Soviets in 1971 and is tolerated since 1988, although attempts to restore Baltic Romuva’s religion started in XIX century.
The name “Romuva” were …



As of August 2002, membership fees are to be paid in Euros. The applications have been modified to reflect this change in policy.
There are 2 types of members : Individual Members and Group Members
1. Individual members

Rodzima Wiara – Polish Native Faith

Rodzima Wiara  (Polish Native Faith)
For a long time, there has been a widely shared nostalgia of everything native, earthbound and native Polish. Out of this nostalgia grew, little by little, the idea of reconstructing the native Polish Faith.

Slovenski Staroverci (Slovenia)

Slovenski Staroverci
Dear Sir or Madame

We are “Slovenski staroverci”, an informal association which continues the traditional old Slovenian faith that is the only indigenous pre-Christian religion of our country. We usually tend to call ourselves “sl…

Society of the Ukrainian Native Faith “PRAVOSLAVYA” Kyiv Ukraine

Society of the Ukrainian Native Faith ”PRAVOSLAVYA”  Kyiv, Ukraine
The society was founded in Kyiv in 1993 and was registered in 1997 (certificate No. 829)
The name 
Ukrainian heathenism is a generic term referring to the national reli…

Supreme Council of Ethnikoi Hellenes (Ypato Symboulio Ellinon Ethnikon – YSEE)

Supreme Council of Ethnikoi Hellenes – HELLAS ( GREECE )

The Supreme Council of Ethnikoi Hellenes (Ypato Symboulio Ellinon Ethnikon – YSEE) has the legal entity of a Non Profit Organization (NPO) and was founded in June of 1997 aiming to…


The Renaissance explicitly roused an interest for Roman spirituality in Italia, thanks to the rediscovery of Platonism by Giorgio GemistoPletone (1355-1452), and the “Accademia Romana” of Giulio …

The Asatrufellowship in Denmark

The Asatrufellowship in Denmark
The Asatrufellowship in Denmark  was founded in 2003 as an interest group for independent kindreds in the Danish asatru scene. In 2004 we transformed into a religious community.
To us it is important that each …

Werkgroep Hagal

Werkgroep Hagal
Werkgroep Hagal is a Flemish-Dutch Odalistic study group which was founded with the goal of studying, experiencing and promoting pre-Christian traditions in the Low Countries. Werkgroep Hagal especially focuses on the Germanic traditions…

“Associazione Tradizionale Pietas”

“Associazione Tradizionale Pietas” – ITALY
The cultural organization “Associazione Tradizionale Pietas”, having seat in Crotone (Italy) and other branches in Rome, Milan (Italy), Valbella (Switzerland) and Athens (Greece). It is a non-profit cultural…

Contact informations

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[spoiler title="Werkgroep Hagal" open="1" style="2"]

Flamand  ( Flemish (Germanic) part of Belgium (Flanders) and the Lowlands, the Netherlands )

Werkgroep Hagal ( Odalistic ) – mailto:  web:[/spoiler]


[spoiler title="Forn Siðr" open="1" style="2"]Forn Siðr – mailto: & lars@ni-fam. dk[/spoiler]


[spoiler title="Groupe Druidique des Gaules" open="1" style="2"]Manquat   Jean Lionel – E-mail:[/spoiler]


[spoiler title="Germany" open="1" style="2"]Frank Wilke – mailto: ,
Geza von Nemenyi – Allsherjargode  mailto:- Ralf Rogge – Der Armanen orden[/spoiler]

Hellas  ( Greece )

[spoiler title="YSEE" open="1" style="2"]The Supreme Council of Ethnikoi Hellenes (YSEE) mailto:,Vlasis Rassias[/spoiler]


[spoiler title="Iceland" open="1" style="2"]Asatrufelagidh – Jormundur Ingi – mailto:[/spoiler]


[spoiler title="Italia" open="1" style="2"]

Instituto Mediterraneo di studi Politeisti – Silvano Lorenzoni – phone 0444- 750493

La  Cittadella – Movimento Tradizionale Romano –  / mailto:

Serafino di Luia – mailto:

Marina Coloni – mailto:

Gentilitas – Spiritualità Italica

Associazione Religiosa Gentile

Giuseppe Barbera, the president of the “Pietas Traditional Association” mailto: 

Federico Fregni - The Societas Hesperiana – mailto:[/spoiler]


[spoiler title="Latvia" open="1" style="2"]Agnija Saprovska – mailto:[/spoiler]


[spoiler title="Foreningen Forn Sed" open="1" style="2"]Øyvind Arnesen Siljeholm, mailto:  
Manager of Foreningen Forn Sed[/spoiler]


[spoiler title="Rodzima Wiara" open="1" style="2"]Stanislaw Potrebovski, – E-mail:[/spoiler]


[spoiler title="Slovenia" open="1" style="2"]Mirjana Borenović, E-mail:  Slovenski Staroverci  - E-mail: web site:[/spoiler]


[spoiler title="Zhitomir" open="1" style="2"]Sofia Melnichuk – mailto:[/spoiler]


[spoiler title="Hungary" open="1" style="2"]Sólyomfi-Nagy Zoltan – mailto: solyom@tengri.[/spoiler]


[spoiler title="Chechia" open="1" style="2"]

Marianna Gorronova – mailto:

Parliament of the World Religio – Andras Corban – Arthen  – mailto:[/spoiler]

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