The 2000 WCER Congress (9th – 11th August 2000)

The 2000 WCER Congress  (9th – 11th August 2000)

Report by Jonas Trinkunas

This year, on August 9-11, the 3rd conference of the WCER was held in Bradesiai, Lithuania. The conference was held simultaneously with the Romuva summer camp, which began on the 7th of August and ended on the 12th. Those attending the conference freely participated in the Romuva program throughout the entire duration of the camp.

The conference was attended by representatives of France, Denmark, Poland, Russia and Lithuania. The conference was simple and discrete, solving a number of administrational problems and leaving more complex issues for the 2001 conference. At the conference, the statutes of the Public Institution WCER were finalized. It has been decided that the currect Administrational Council shall continue its term (of 5 years) until the year 2004, when a new Council will be elected at the Assembly. Those attending the conference received a copy of the new issue of the WCER magazine – The Oaks. The new, expanded magazine was received positively.

On the question of finances, the following members paid their dues: France (2 groups), Denmark, Poland, and Lithuania. Other members were contacted after the conference and paid by mail.