Foreningen Forn Sed – Norway


Foreningen Forn Sed – Norway

Foreningen Forn Sed (the Forn Sed Society) is a confessional society for people who are interested in Norse mythology and Nordic popular faith, traditions and culture. What we call Asatro or Heathen traditions today and in Norse times was known as “heiðindómr” or “forn siðr”, i.e. the Ancient Way.

Anyone who wishes to restore the Ancient Way in its former glory, reclaim our cultural heritage and honour the ways of the old Gods is welcome to be a member of this society.

Foreningen Forn Sed strongly oppose any Satanist or racist interpretations of the Norse heritage, and reject any form of prejudice or intolerance.

The Ancient Way – Forn Sed’s goal and activities

Foreningen Forn Sed aim to restore the Ancient Way and our cultural heritage in its former glory. We wish to do this without infringing upon any other religious or philosophical alignments, old or new, or the cultural heritage of other nationalities. Fanaticism and intolerance will never be consistent with the purpose of this society.

The Ancient Way is founded upon tolerance, honesty, loyalty, reverence for nature and all life. The chief content of the Heathen way is that each man and woman are responsible for themselves and their activities. The Håvamål, sung by Odin, offers moral advice to Heathen man amongst other things. The Voluspå and other writings describe the world view. In religious questions we rely primarily upon the ancient Eddas and folk religious beliefs in the Nordic countries.

Using the name Asatro for the Way is actually misleading, because the faith is not restricted to the Aesir. You may recognize other gods in Norse mythology and folk religion as well, e.g. spirits of the land, elves, disar, vanir, jotuns, dverger, nisser and other creatures. The members of the society may practise their faith according to their own preferences, within the bounds of Norwegian law. They may dedicate images and other symbols to the divine powers, but it is not demanded that these must be worshipped by others.

With Foreningen Forn Sed, we aim to create a viable forum for everyone who wish to maintain old traditions, ways and customs and promote understanding and interest for our Norse heritage. This can be done through courses and work groups on different themes, e.g. Norse language, history, arts, crafts, music or traditional foods. We have great ambitions, and in this spirit, some of the members of the society have published the largest existing collection of Norse literature on the Internet – in Norse. A link to this collection may be found below. The society are building an archive of articles and other sources, as well as its own library. Our goal is to publish a substantial list of the existing sources and literature that will be easily accessible for our members. Members receive a periodical (Ni Heimer). Among other, equally important activities we can mention meetings that we arrange during the year to pay respect to our gods, the divine powers and other creatures of nature through blot.

Foreningen Forn Sed seek official recognition in Norway as a confessional society.

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