Forn Siðr, The Aesir and Vanir faith community in Denmark


Forn Siðr, The Aesir and Vanir faith community in Denmark

Our purpose is the worship of the old Nordic Powers [Gods,”Regin”], and to create contact between people who wish to do so. We will also work to advance and spread knowledge of the old Nordic religion and improve knowledge of our old Nordic cultural heritage.

Forn Siðr has been officially approved as a religious community in Denmark, by the Danish ministry of religious affairs, since the 6th of November 2003.

In Forn Siðr we are not missionaries, people may and should find where to stand themselves. Each individual person is free to decide how his or her faith can best be expressed. Our members contribute to each other’s faith and worship, through group ritual and through sharing thoughts and experiences.

We wish to make it clear that Nazi activity, or misuse of pagan symbols for Nazi purposes IS NOT compatible with membership of Forn Siðr. Our home page is our face to the outside world. Here we will present information about Forn Siðr, and our faith.

That which you find here, on the public part of our web page is an expression of the opinions of the organization Forn Siðr, unless otherwise stated. We hope that this web site can give visitors a correct impression of the organization. If there is anything that you find lacking we would be very happy if you would draw our attention to it.

On this the English language part of the web site we would however draw you attention to the fact that Forn Siðr is a Danish organisation, in Denmark, and as such, all activities, and internal communication take place in Danish.

We welcome contact from Asatru – both individuals and organisations – outside Denmark and are happy to correspond in English.

However this web site is principally information to Danish people and a service to our members.

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