Rodzima Wiara – Polish Native Faith


Rodzima Wiara  (Polish Native Faith)

For a long time, there has been a widely shared nostalgia of everything native, earthbound and native Polish. Out of this nostalgia grew, little by little, the idea of reconstructing the native Polish Faith.

Already in 1818, Zarian Dolega Chodakowski, the father of Polish Archeology and Ethnology, wrote that Poland, if it was to ensure her future, should go back to its own native faith. Many artists, thinker and philosophers have for two centuries supported this idea.

The Zadruga movement was founded in 1937, but it was crushed by the communists in 1949, an event that confirmed that a return of Poland to her own Slavic faith was a absolute necessity if she was to avoid destruction. Around 1970, the project was conceived to start a religous community, but the project faced unsurmontable difficulties.

It was net before the beginning of 1996 that we achieved official recognition of our Native Faith Union – ZRW. During its three years of existence, the five districts and the two first sub-districts were established as planned. The head of the Union is Dr. Staschko Wladimar Potrebowski.

Our Naitve Polish Faith Union – Zrzeszenie Rodzimej Wiary – participates in different international organisations, such as the Union of Baltic and Slavic faiths, as well as the World Congress of Ethnic Religions, founded during the World Pagan Congress in Vilnius in June 1998, with our participation.

The symbol of the Union is a golden sun on a blue sky.

Happiness and glory to the Gods! Strength!

Rodzima Wiara
Pocztowa 16 / 15
53-313 Wroclaw