The Asatrufellowship in Denmark


The Asatrufellowship in Denmark

The Asatrufellowship in Denmark was founded in 2003 as an interest group for independent kindreds in the Danish asatru scene. In 2004 we transformed into a religious community.
To us it is important that each kindred (or Godheord as we call it) retain as much independence and freedom of interpretation as possible. We believe that it is important that every person and group in the asatru scene has a role to fill in the big picture. Even if disliked by the majority, including our selves.

In order to avoid or limit internal struggles between fractions we have decided that decisions should be taken on as decentralized a level as possible. This is why the kindreds are the backbone of our organization. The central levels of our organization are only auxiliary.

Our ceremonies are held by the kindreds, but as an aid in religious matters we have a ring of Godhi. It consist of all the elected clergy from the kindreds. It’s purpose is to assist in educating new Godhis and Gydia and to share knowledge of rituals and lore between kindreds on a voluntary basis. The ring of Godhi also has the task of defining asatru in such a way that it encompasses the entire asatru scene so that every asatruar may builds his or her own belief on top of that.

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Foundations of the Faith

The Foundation of our faith is the core of the Norse World view, such as it has been handed down to us from our ancestors in the form of Heathen custom and mythical texts. The Worldview held by our forefathers prior to the advent of Christian might, and such heathen custom as has since survived.

“the belief which our fathers and forefathers had before,
first in the burning age and now in the mound age;
many of them have been much [more] eminent than we,
but nevertheless this belief has been good for us. !”

(Asbjørn of Medalhus at the Frostathing. 900´s)

Our forefathers did not give a name to their worldview. They just lived in accord with the higher powers, as they experienced them within, above, and around themselves.
In modern times, we have used the terms Asatro, Heathenism, or the former customs, or forn sidr. Asatro denotes our loyalty to the Aesir and Vanir, Heathenism means we are polytheistic in our beliefs, and forn sidr reminds us that we are adhering to the ancient traditions of the Norse people.