5th International Conference at Mysore India 2015

5th International Conference at Mysore India 2015 1st Feb to 5th

Dear Relatives

We are very glad to inform you that ICCS USA Inc is proposing to organize the 5th International Conference and Gathering of the Elders from 31st Jan to 5th Feb 2015 at Mysore India, ECER has been the major cosponsor of the conference and we would like to request your kind support to the 5th International conference and also request you all to have your annual meetings at Mysore during the conference. Will you please allow us to have ECER as cosponsor on our flier?

Theme of the 5th International Conference is “Universal well being- Sustaining Nature, Culture and Communities”. It is expected that we will have delegates from over 50 countries for this conference that will represent more than 100 world ancient cultures and traditions. We look forward to your blessings, cooperation and support for this conference and hope to see you at Mysore. Kindly do convey to all the members and constituents of ECER and encourage them to attend the conference. The format will be similar like earlier conferences; we will have ceremonies, keynote addresses, paper presentations, cultural programs and visit to Schools and colleges during the conference. The detailed flier will be e mailed to all very soon.

Warm regards to all

Dr Shekhar Patel, President, ICCS USA Inc
Mr Praveen Veldanda, Secretary, ICCS USA Inc
Mr Shyam Parande, New Delhi, Margadarshak of ICC