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The 1999 WCER Congress Report by Denis Dornoy (16th – 19th August 1999)

The 1999 WCER Congress (16th – 19th August 1999)

Report by Denis Dornoy

The 2nd World Congress of Etnic Religions was held from the 16th to the 19th August 1999 in Telsiai, Lithuania.

Telsiai is situated in the province of Samogitia, in Western Lithuania.

Samogitia was, for several centuries, at the frontline of resistance against the Christian crusaders (the Teutonic knights).

The conference itself took place in a house in the outskirt of the city, built and decorated in traditional Lithuanian style by its owner, Adolfas Gedvilas.

A sacred fire has been maintained in the house since 1994.

You may visit the Manor of King Ringaudas website to learn more about this wondeful location.

At the end of the first day, participants took part in a fire ritual situated a ceremony on the nearby Satrija Hill.

The ceremony was organised by Romuva, with active participation of the Greek representatives.

The meetings took place in the main hall, and ended with a dance evening offered by the local traditional music ensemble.

The next day, participant were invited to a excursion to the nearby city of Klaipeda and the Baltic coast.

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