The 2003 WCER Congress (7th – 9th August 2003)

The 2003 WCER Congress (7th – 9th August 2003)

Invitation and Programme


2003, August 7-8-9


The Academy of Sciences Library
Zygimantu 1 / 8
Vilnius, Lithuania


Global Initiatives for Ethnic Cultures and Religions


I. Update reports and introduction of new members.
II. Discussions about initiatives and projects:

a. United Nations NGO application
b. Virtual News Channel project
c. The Oaks and other publications
d. International library project
e. Other projects…

III. Re-election of the WCER administration
IV. Ratification of activities programme for 2003-2004, projects and conferences.

Cultural programme:

We invite you to stay after the conference and visit the annual Romuva summer camp on August 11-17. It will take place at the Romuva village, 70 kilometers from Vilnius. You will be treated to Baltic music, ritual and dance, and an opportunity to meet common practitioners of Baltic religion. Transportation and accommodations will be provided upon request.


Please notify us of your arrival at the conference ahead of time, so we can pick you up from the airport and arrange for accommodations.

Jonas Trinkunas
WCER president

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Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel.: +370-52-162966
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