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The European Ethnic Religions Conference in 2010 (Oaks 7)

From 25 to 29 August, the city of Bologna in Italy hosted the European Congress of Ethnic religions. Referred to as ancient pre-Christian (pagan) or native (indigenous) religions. The first conference was held in Vilnius in 1998, and the for runner of this inter-religious union was named the “World Congress of Ethnic Religions. ” During the past 13-years this religious movement has been growing, and representatives meet regularly in other European countries. This year it was in Bologna with about 100 delegates from Denmark, Norway, Germany, France, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and Russia. Continue reading The European Ethnic Religions Conference in 2010 (Oaks 7)

Issue No.2, Summer 2000


  • The 2nd WCER Conference – a complete report by Denis Dornoy
  • WCER2 / Ethnic religions – reality and future – speech by Koenraad Loegghe
  • WCER2 / Paganism as a Metagrid of the Future – paper by Prof. Lokesh Chandra
  • WCER2 / Earth is our Mother – paper by P. Parameswaran
  • Ukrainian Declaration
  • Arcana Europa – international fetsival in Spain
  • Interview with Jormundur Ingi – by Denis Dornoy
  • Paganism or the rediscovery of Identity – report by Jormundur Ingi
  • The Pagans' Letter to the Pope – the Committee for the Pope's Millennium Apology
  • Shinto – report by Michael Strmiska
  • The Akha People – report by Matthew McDaniel
  • Do the Gods Exist? – by Michael York

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